Ayardes [Asturias]


Solargraph recorded in Ayardes [Asturias] from the 20 of January of 2016 until the 9 of July of 2016 using Ilford MGIV RC DELUXE Pearl MG4RC44M paper.


The city of the dead [6]

carrer Milans #2 [BCN]

carrer Milans [BCN]

Joana Biarnés documentary at Revela-T. A tribute to Hiroshi Sugimoto.

On May 10th, I was interviewed by Kev Byrne for his OCA ‘Expressing Your Vision’ learning log about my long exposure pinhole and solargraphy work. As part of my replies I said: “remember we were talking about Hiroshi Sugimoto?, well a few days ago I visited here in Barcelona an exhibition of his! The works present here were Seascapes, Portraits, Theaters, Dioramas and Lightning Fields. All of them outstanding!!! I had not seen in person anything from him before and I was amazed of the quality and the different concepts he worked on. Some time ago my wife asked me about the possibility of making some pictures in cinemas with my pinhole cameras and I told her that it was a good idea but we were only to see a white screen and maybe the chairs and the movement of people while watching the film. I am thinking in this possibility now as Sugimoto’s work was done without people on the shows. Let’s see!”

Ten days later, on May 20th, during the opening ceremony of the Analog Photography Festival Revela-T, we attended to the exhibition of a documentary about the first Spanish female photojournalist, Joana Biarnés, with her presence amongst the audience at the “Teatre La Massa” in Vilassar de Dalt [Barcelona]. I took the oportunity of placing a NOPO 120 pinhole camera on the balcony railing of the theater and here you may see the resulting image after the introduction by the film makers, the projection of the movie and the following talk about it.

Joana Biarnés documentary at Revela-T

Ligüeria [1]


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Maman #2 [Louise Bourgeois’ sculpture, Guggenheim Bilbao]