Lomography Barcelona invitation!

Lomography Barcelona has invited me [together with other “pinholers”] to use a Diana F+ in pinhole mode with two rolls of their “Lomography Earl Grey B&N 100 ISO” film before the “Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day” which will be held on April 30th.
As you also can see in this link they are runnig a contest of this type of photography.
I encourage you to participate !!

Below is my new Diana F+ in action!


3 thoughts on “Lomography Barcelona invitation!

  1. Congratulations Jesús! Have fun pinholing with the Diana F+!

    Someone asked me last night whether there is such a thing as color infrared, and I immediately pulled out my f/D Book of Pinhole and showed them your photograph :-)

    I’m not able to find anything about the Lomography pinhole contest on the site in English. The Google translation of the Spanish-language page suggests that they are accepting ANY pinhole photos for the contest, not just those made on WPPD. Is that correct?

  2. Jackie, thank you very much for your comment and showing your friends what color infrared looks like!

    The lomography page that I linked here is the Spanish one. I guess there is no limitation in participation and the text doesn’t states that the photos have to be taken on pinhole day.

    In fact a quick translation of part of the text, says: Upload your pinhole photos for this contest, the winner will get 15 piggies! We also will select three finalists that will get 5 piggies each one. Don’t you have pinhole photos in your archive? Don’t worry, this conquest last almost one month, so you have time for experimenting with this technique and celebrate the WPPD on April 30with some pinhole photos on your lomohome.

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