NOPO con alas 1. Revela-T 2015


As so often happens, surfing the net, one day I accidentally discovered a pinhole camera that had a certain air of Hasselblad. I practice pinhole photography since few years ago and seeing the NOPO 120 left me speechless. My surprise grew to discover that it was going to travel a lot from hand to hand of the photographers wanting to participate in “the NOPO with wings” project. I like this type of action in collaboration with other fans of photography and, without hesitation, I signed up.

NOPO cameras are pinhole cameras designed by Toño Cañadas, expert photographer and researcher in photographic processes. All NOPO cameras are built from walnut, cherry and birch wood.

The NOPO con alas project [NOPO with wings] is a collaborative project with the wonderful NOPO 120, a 6×6 format pinhole camera. It is a great camera and, as I said above, its design reminds me of the Hasselblad though, logically has no optical. The use is very simple both the loading of the roll as the making of photos. The shutter is a marvel of technique (congratulations Toño!!) and is light and very manageable. A good camera that will delight any fan of pinhole photography.



About a month ago it was my turn and I started to make pictures, some of them coinciding with the Analog Photography Festival Revela-T which is held every year in Vilassar de Dalt, a town near Barcelona.

NP66_0003_011Patio of the old factory premises where the Revela-T 2015 took place.

NP66_0002_009Maciej L. Zapior talk about solargraphy and analemma at Revela-T 2015

NP66_0002_007Lunch time at Revela-T!

NP66_0002_006Wet plate collodion photographs by Joan Porredon on exhibit at Revela-T 2015

NP66_0003_002Part of my solargraphs of the “Vilassar between solstices” exhibiton at Revela-T 2015


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