window of enlightment [Can Manyer library, Vilassar de Dalt]

Last weekend took place at Vilassar de Dalt (a village near Barcelona) the Third edition of the Analog Photography Festival Revela-T 2015. I was very fortunate to be selected to exhibit “Vilassar between solstices” a series of thirteen solargraphies with Vilassar as the subject of the photographs. Once the exhibition was closed I decided to post the photos and I star with this one that I made from the inside of the Can Manyer library of Vilassar. I hope you like it!

solargraph recorded from 14/06/2014 to 25/11/2014

This was a very intense weekend with over 100 exhibitions, trade fair, people praticing pinhole photography, a meeting of Leica users and several praticioners of wet plate collodion showing the process and taking the, already traditional 71 cm x 71 cm wet plate collodion group picture.


8 thoughts on “window of enlightment [Can Manyer library, Vilassar de Dalt]

  1. Wow, Jesús​, that’s spectacular! A perfect title, too! Thank you for posting these – I’m glad I get to see them even though I couldn’t be in Spain for the exhibit.

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