TerraPin 3D printed pinhole camera [by Todd Schlemmer] [my pinhole cameras series #12]

Todd Schclemmer is a pinhole photographer and 3D priting guru. Some time ago I asked him if he could make a camera for Paulo Casal, a friend of mine who is traveling to Antarctica and will take some pinhole shots there.
Todd sent me a couple of cameras, one for Paulo and another for me!!
This photograph was the first one taken with my TerraPin a 3D printed pinhole camera. I used the 35 mm focal lenght (the camera has the possibility of changing its focal length, see below the two changable “lenses”) and, as you may see, I failed the shot


Few days later I return to the same place with the same camera and repeated the take, this time with color film.


The TerraPin is a 6×6 format pinhole camera that takes 120 film rolls and has the posibility of working with two different focal lengths, 35 and 50 mm. In the first case the data are: ø= 0.26 mm; focal length= 35 mm; f/135 and in the second case ø= 0.30 mm; focal length= 50 mm; f/167

Here you have few photographs of the camera





Last, but not least, if you want to 3D print yourself a camera like this one follow this link


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