Brendan vs Jesús

A pinhole swinga with the wonderful and talented Brendan Comey , also knwon as Aware of the Void.

We both placed rolls of shot 120 pinhole camera film in a bowl during the Amsterdam WWPD meet up last april and managed to pick each others rolls at random.

In theory since we both used Zero 4×5 cameras with horseman 120 roll backs everything should have lined up but they don’t . . .

#1776 ZI45_67_0001_001

#1777 ZI45_67_0001_002

#1778 ZI45_67_0001_004

#1779 ZI45_67_0001_005

#1780 ZI45_67_0001_006

#1781 ZI45_67_0001_007

#1782 ZI45_67_0001_008


7 thoughts on “Brendan vs Jesús

    • Thanks so much, Patrick!
      I am open to do it. I have some Efke IR820 rolls left. The only issue is that I have done 6×9 instead of 6×12 with the 8banners camera because of the strong vignetting. Can you do 6×9? If not we can do it 6×12 or, if you want 6×6 pinhole or with lens!!!

      • Hey Jesús, I can do 6×9 with the Holga Pinhole Wide. That’s 8 photos on 120mm roll film. The film goes from left to right. Does the 8banners go the same way? I know the zero image pinhole camera goes right to left, so I’m asking. I wouldn’t necessarily want the doubles to be upside down. Anyhow, I would prefer 6×9 format over 6×12 since it would result in more images, more chances to get something to work well ^^ Let me know what you think! I could also do 6×6 with a regular, plastic lens Holga if you’re up for that. I can go either way, but I think pinhole double exposures look especially dreamy!

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