Wheehamx Polaroid Pete 1st test!

Wheehamx Polaroid Pete 1st test!
This five shots were taken with a Wheehamx Polaroid Pete pinhole camera with the feature of variable focal lenghts. As usual the camera was made [as most of the cameras I use] by the incredible Wheehamx
These pictures were taken with 4×5 Fomapan 200 film and developed in homebrewed Ilford ID-11 stock at 20 ºC for 06:30 min [with 12 sec of inversions every 1 min], scanned with an Epson V700 and PS used just for auto contrast and tone.


8 thoughts on “Wheehamx Polaroid Pete 1st test!

    • Es una adaptación de una cámara Polaroid, pero ya NO es Polaroid!!!!
      Utiliza chasis de 4×5 pulgadas con placas y utiliza el fuelle para cambiar la distancia focal sin cambiar el diámetro del estenopo. Una gozada de la creatividad de Howard!
      Ah . . . y muchas gracias por pasar!

    • Thank you Jacki!!!
      Well it is an adapted Polaroid to pinhole made for me by Howard (Wheehamx in Flickr).
      He hacked the Polaroid to 4×5 film plates and using the bellows to change the focal lenght without changing the pinhole diameter.
      I have to play with it a bit more to feel it!!!

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