Sagrada Familia [BCN]

Sagrada Familia [BCN]solargraphy recorded from 22 June 2013 until 21 February 2014 [8 months]


13 thoughts on “Sagrada Familia [BCN]

  1. Magnificent! I just wonder, on what did you attach your “camera”? Was it left alone or did you have to write a note to it to explain what it was, or couldn’t anyone see it because it was well hidden?
    I’m struggling with this, because I would like a nice background, and from my own backyard I don’t have great views, and if I put it in a public place, it won’t be left alone…. So
    I don’t know how to do it….
    Have a great great weekend Jesus!

    • Thanks a lot Marie!!!
      Up to now I placed the can/cams in “save” locations. This series of the Sagrada Familia were located at my apartment building flat roof (something very usual in Barcelona), in fact what you see in the foreground of this take is the flat roof of the building next to mine. Nevertheless I try to hide them because other neighbours may see the cans and I am not sure that they would respect that “kind” of garbage. In the case of the ones on the mountains I placed them in places far from the road and difficult to see unless you pass just by the place it is located. I have a number of 35 mm film plastic canisters that I am converting into solargraph cams; they are smaller and easier to hide and, besides, they don’t get rusted by the rain.

      • Thanks a lot Jesus! I suspected it was that way. And 35mm canisters sounds good too, and smaller and easier to hide.
        I think I’ve gotta try, soon…. :-)

    • Thank you so much!!!
      Regrading the exif data, I guess I would say something like this:
      drink can pinhole camera, cámara estenopéica de lata de bebida
      pinhole camera, cámara estenopéica, camera obscura, Lochkamera, apparecchio a foro stenopeico, sténopé
      blanco y negro, black & white, B/N, b&w
      B&W Ilford Multigrade RC Warmtone pearl paper, papel fotográfico Ilford Multigrado RC Warmtone pearl B/N,
      analógica, analogic
      larga exposición, long exposition
      solarigrafía, solargraph
      orientación vertical, vertical orientation
      exposición muy larga, very long exposure
      Epson Perfection V700 Photo scanner
      focal length 56 mm
      f/ no determinada, f/ not determined
      diametro estenopo no determinado, pinhole diameter not determined
      paper, papel
      España, Spain
      Cataluña, Catalunya
      Barcelona, BCN, L’Eixample, la Sagrada Familia, carrer del Rosselló
      terrado de casa, home flat roof
      Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí, arquitectura, architecture
      tiempo de exposición 8 meses, exposition time 8 months
      desde 22/06/2013 hasta 21/02/2014, from 2/06/2013 until 21/02/2014

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