Civilization’s shadows

Civilization's shadows

From a pinhole film swap with Falling Thru The Lens, whose photographs are beyond the limits of poetry.

Zero Image 6×9 and hacked Digna Certex 6×6, Ilford FP4+
Adonal 1:100, 20 min

This image is protected by copyright and may not be used for any purpose without written permission from Falling Thru The Lens and trasiegu. Please contact Falling Thru The Lens or trasiegu via email if you would like to use any of our photos.


3 thoughts on “Civilization’s shadows

  1. LOVE this!!
    Hi Jesús, I’m sorry for being a bit absent, but there is so much fun things to do! :-)
    I must say I like Ipernity a lot! A bit slower pace that Fl, and very friendly. I’ll give it three months and see what happends after that. How goes your thoughts about I vs F?

    • Thank you Marie!
      Don’t worry, I am also VERY absent these days. I am waiting for a reply from a friend whom I was told that Flickr deleted his account [I checked and I could see any of his previously published solargraphs]. If he confirms me that his account was erased I will delete all my pics from there and move some of them to Ipernity.

      • What? Did they (maybe) erase his account?? OMG….
        My son told me that IF they do anything about our rights, they HAVE to give us a new document of terms, to either accept or deny. I waited for it 1/1-14, but nothing happened…
        But I still hate the new beta, it is horrible… I have moved most of my content to Ipernity. Nothing is changed at my Flicks stream yet, but I feel the same as you do, IF anything more happens, I’ll be fast and furious… ;-D
        Take care!

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