Rooted monastery

Rooted monastery

From a pinhole film swap with Falling Thru The Lens, whose photographs are beyond the limits of poetry.

Holga 120PC (PinHolga) and hacked Digna Certex 6×6, Neopan 100 (200 ASA)
homebrewed Ilford ID-11 stock, 20ºC, 6 min 30 sec [12 sec Ѻ / 1 min]

This image is protected by copyright and may not be used for any purpose without written permission from Falling Thru The Lens and trasiegu. Please contact Falling Thru The Lens or trasiegu via email if you would like to use any of our photos.


4 thoughts on “Rooted monastery

  1. I have seen images from your swap both here, on Jackis blog and on Ipernity, and I have to say, I can’t see enough of it! The images keep growing on me for every time I see them!
    I read somewhere that a succesful diptych creates a third image in your head, and your swap does that to me.
    FANTASTIC work, both of you!!
    Btw, I have started an account on Ipernity, and it feels jolly good! :-)
    See you out there Jesús, and all my best to you for a happy and creative 2014!

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