San Vicente [Piloña]

San Vicente [Piloña]


5 thoughts on “San Vicente [Piloña]

  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! I was just about to ask what camera you used, it is so incredibly sharp, then I read 8×10…..
    How do you develop the sheets? In a bowl, or do you have a tank?

    • Thank you so much Marie!!
      I use an old tank that I used to develop color paper photographs with the Cibachrome process. It was to blow up slides (Ektachrome for example) in paper format up to 20×25 cm. Now I place the film sheet with the emulsion side pointing to the inside.

      • Oh, I have one of those, never thought of it this way, thanks!
        You know, a couple of months ago, I talked with a guy on a swedish forum, and he had an old pinhole camera for 8×10 that he wanted to sell, steal cheap, but I did not, because of the trouble with developing the sheets….. Gah…. And I had the solution in a box in my basement, just didn’t think of it….
        So, perhaps I’ll jump on the next train instead… ;-)
        Thanks Jesús!

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