horreos [Espinareu, Piloña] [my pinhole cameras series #10]


This is the tenth post in my pinhole cameras series.

The picture was taken with “monster”.

monster is an 8×10 (inches, aprox. 20×25 cm) pinhole camera made by Howard (aka wheehamx), a good Scottish Flickr friend and a terrific cameras constructor; please go and visit his Flickr site wheehamx.

monster is a large format pinhole camera that takes 8×10 film and the camera data are: pinhole ø= 0.45 mm, focal length= 120 mm, f/270. The film is held inside the camera with four black cardboard “holders” instead of the classical outside ones (easier to use, if you want, but much more expensive). In this way when I have taken one picture I have to place the camera inside a changing bag to switch the holder inside the camera.
Below you may see the holders and different views of the camera out and inside. I am really impressed of the sharpness and acutance of this “handy” camera. Enjoy!









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