woods in red [my pinhole cameras series #9]

woods in red [my pinhole cameras series #9]

This is a wonderful forest in my home land, Asturias, in the north of Spain.

I took this photograph with “ladybird”, a Digna camera produced in Spain in the 1950’s by CERTEX. I bought this 6×6 format camera in a flea-market and I transformed it to pinhole by taking apart the drum holding its single lens optics and replacing it by a piece of tincan with a hole where the pinhole was placed. As in the case of my 8banners camera I also glued, in the inside, a grinded filter ring to be able to use different filters for especific porpouses as in this particular case that I used a Kenko YA3 orange filter in combination with Kodak EIR Aerochrome Color infrared film that I developed at home with Tetenal E-6 chemicals.

The name of the camera comes from the magnet that I use as shutter, it takes 120 roll film and with the 6×6 format you get twelve shots per roll. The characteristics of the camera are as follows: pinhole ø= 0.15 mm, the focal length is of 32 mm and that gives an f/213 value.







13 thoughts on “woods in red [my pinhole cameras series #9]

  1. Asturias es Tierra Celta. No se si conoces la simbología celta, pero la imagen, no sólo invita a cerrar los ojos e inspirar tan hondo , que parece nunca se llenen los pulmones, sino que evoca al Triskel, simbolo mágico de druidas y señores de los bosques.
    Ahora que se que Tartessos fue la cuna de la lengua celta, os tengo menos envidia …jejejejeje :)

    • Hi! the reason for mounting the filters inside is the location of the pinhole and its “shutter”. As you may see in the photographs #1, 2, and 3, I use a “ladybird” magnet as the shutter and I can’t place the filter between the pinhole and the magnet because the light would go inside the camera.
      Thank you very much for your interest!

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