riu del Infiernu [Piloña, Asturias] [my pinhole cameras series #8]

riu del Infiernu [Piloña, Asturies] [my pinhole cameras series #8]

This is a wonderful small river in the middle of the woods in my home land, Asturias, in the north of Spain.

The photograph was taken with “Woody”, a wood finished 6×18 curved plane panoramic pinhole camera made for me by my good friend Howard aka wheehamx.

As you may see below, it takes 120 roll film and with the 6×18 format you get four shots per roll and the inside of the camera is made of cardboard and black duct tape. The characteristics of the camera are as follows: pinhole ø= 0.34 mm, the focal length is of 78 mm and that gives an f/230 value. The shutter is the “lens” cup that I take out and replace for each photograph.









6 thoughts on “riu del Infiernu [Piloña, Asturias] [my pinhole cameras series #8]

  1. Thanks a lot, Karen!
    Yes, I do love the work of Howard, too. He is always making new cameras and sharing them with those who want to use them.
    Also he is an outstanding pinhole photographer, I think his gallery deserves a visit.

    • Muchas gracias!!!!!
      El “tema” es mucho mas simple de lo que parece: ya sabes, una cámara oscura con película y paciencia, mucha paciencia. El tiempo de exposición de esta foto es de 20 minutos.

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