ready to take off! [my pinhole cameras series #5]

This is the post number five of my pinhole cameras series.

ready to take off! [my pinhole cameras series #5]

As you may see this is a rather different perspective, don’t you think?

This is because this picture was taken with an anamorphic camera. I was not sure of how to explain the meaning of anamorphic so I went to the dictionary and found this definition: “producing, relating to, or marked by intentional distortion (as by unequal magnification along perpendicular axes) of an image” or “having or producing unequal magnifications along two axes perpendicular to each other”.

The point is that if you consider a cylinder with the “sensible material” on the inside wall, and the pinhole is located in one of the basis of that cylinder, you get a very nice (in my opinion, of course) distortion of the image. In the above photo you may see that the road is on both sides of the picture perpendicular to its “natural” position and what you see of the building in reality is a square concrete.

This wonderful toy was made by my good Flickr friend schyter (the same one that formulated J-núsol developer). I urgue you to visit his Flickr gallery!!

The camera uses 120 film rolls yielding four shots of 6×18 format per roll and has a pinhole ø= 0.20 mm, the focal length to the center of the film is of 52 mm and that gives an f/260 value.

In the following pictures you may see the camera and its inside. The pinhole is in the middle of the berries (second photo) and the film is hold in the surface of the big cylinder by the cup. The advance of the film is made with a knob.






8 thoughts on “ready to take off! [my pinhole cameras series #5]

    • Luigi, el que ha “pensado” la fotografía no la podría hacer sin una cámara tan maravillosa!!!
      Estoy encantado con ella, muchas gracias por tu trabajo y tu regalo!

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