Obscura Book

Today I wold like to share with you a cooperative initiative about pinhole photography started some time ago. It is called OBSCURA BOOK.

As stated in the Obscura Book webpage:

OBSCURA is not just a photo book with pretty pictures. It’s a community project that assembles many different points of view, interpretations, associations and a multitude of artists and their ideas. Everybody can be a part of OBSCURA – whether pro or rookie.

OBSCURA tells a story. With plenty of room to play, each photographer can interpret our 11 chapters and play with his own associations on the abstract concepts. And everybody can see differently.

OBSCURA creates positive tension by assembling all our stories, memories and experiences of experiments, snapshots and arrangements.

OBSCURA shows the unseen. Pictures that offer an unusual, absorbing and at times unsettling aesthetic experience. Pictures that are less documentation, but leave room for subjective points of view.

OBSCURA creates a new reality. In refreshing contrast to the flood of digital pictures and their perfection, the primitive technology of lenseless photography is based on the often accidental interplay of light, time, perspective, dynamics and chance.

Obscura Book


WP_0221a_Please help us crowdfund Obscura Book

Pinhole fans, photography enthusiasts and film aficionados, this is your opportunity to be part of something that doesn’t come along very often:

A photo book that is a love letter to the inventors and re-discoverers of the ancient Camera Obscura.

A photo book assembling the creative spirit of the community of analogue photographers all over the world – from Argentina to Australia, from the USA to Japan.

A photo book celebrating the old idea that sometimes the best things are worth a little wait – even more so in these rushed times.

Every one of you can be part of this book – and this idea – by taking a pledge in our crowdfunding campaign (http://igg.me/at/OBSCURA-Book). From small art works to pre-ordering the book or limited edition pro-quality photo prints, we have put together many different goodies that you can support OBSCURA with!

So: Have fun browsing through our crowdfunding perks! And if you have more questions on the project, please drop us a line!


Last but not least, I have to tell you that a couple of my pinhole photographs have been selected to be part of the OBSCURA BOOK!!


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