on the grass [my pinhole cameras series #4]

on the grass

This is the fourth post in my pinhole camera series.

The picture was taken with Sugar Can, a pinhole camera made by myself with an elliptical tin can that I bought in a dollar store (pound shop in UK) for sugar. So, it may be considered a curved plane pinhole camera. I used Ilford Multigrade IV RC DELUXE paper with an exposure time of 2 min; it was developed with J-núsol for four and a half minutes. J-núsol is a developer formulated by my good Flickr friend schyter; please see his outstanding pinhole gallery!

It uses 13×15 cm photographic paper and has a pinhole ø= 0.30 mm, focal length= 64 mm and an f/213.
Below you may see how it looks like.

The making is very simple, you have to paint the inside of the can with dark (matt) black paint, drill a hole in the center of the surface, and place the pinhole of the appropiate size inside teh camera at the center of the drilled hole. As a “shutter” I used an advertisement magnet of a dentist office, hahaha!!  I encourage all of you to make one.





6 thoughts on “on the grass [my pinhole cameras series #4]

  1. This is a great series, Jesus! And that image – “On the Grass” – is one of my favorites. (Also, that sugar can pinhole camera is still decorative enough for the kitchen!)

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