emptyness [my pinhole cameras series #2]

emptyness [my pinhole cameras series #2]

This is my second post in my pinhole cameras series.

A Zero Image 45 camera with multiple possibilities!!! It combines pinhole and zone plate technology in one unit and a multi-focal length design. The basic camera is a super-wide camera with a focal length of 25mm and it has extension frames also 25mm focal in length, so adding one extension frame to the basic camera will increase the focal length of your camera by 25mm. It is held in position by two rubber bands.

Inside the camera there is a built-in turret that holds three pinholes and three zone plates (one for each of the focal lenghts).

The basic characteristics are as follows:

focal length: 25mm 50mm 75mm
pinhole size: 0.18mm 0.28mm 0.35mm
f/stop: f/138 f/176 f/216
zone plate: 11 zones 21 zones 33 zones
f/stop (zone plate): f/43.25 f/45.54 f/44.7

WP_207aL1230701b WP_207b_L1230702b WP_207c_L1230704b WP_207d_L1230703b


4 thoughts on “emptyness [my pinhole cameras series #2]

  1. Someday I would love to own one of these, they are such lovely cameras and so durable! I’m glad to see the cameras you used to shoot your exquisite photos Jesus!

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