2013 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day group photo

2013 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day group photo

Las Sunday was the 2013 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Although the weather didn’t help; it was rainy almost all day, in the morning I attended to some activities orgined in Barceloan to celebrate this day.
In fact I was lucky to take this photograph of the group of people who attended to the event. I took it with this large format pinhole camera that produces 8×10 in. negatives.


10 thoughts on “2013 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day group photo

    • Thanks so much Karen!!
      Well, I have several cameras, both commercial ones, made by friends or modified by myself; this is a list (I think I don’t leave any out):
      6×6 cardboard Katatumuri pinhole camera (commercial)
      6×6 hacked 50’s Spanish made Digna camera
      4.5×6, 6×6, 6×7, 6×9, or 6×12 8banners camera (com)
      6×9 hacked curved plane MIOM Photax Blindé camera
      6×12 curved plane by Wheehamx (Flickr friend) [Mr. Neat]
      6×18 curved plane by Wheehamx (Flickr friend) [Woody]
      6×18 anamorphic by Wheehamx (Flickr friend) [Ugly Duckling]
      6×18 anamorphic by schyter (Flickr friend) [La Chispa Adecuada]
      . . . and some home made from tin can and drink cans for use with photo paper

      • Oooppppss! I forget my dearly beloved Zero Image 4×5 (three focal distances available, of course commercial!)
        [I will post some pics of all the cameras together with a photo taken with it, OK?]

      • Wow! That sounds amazing, I’d love to see a picture of all your cameras.
        I have a goal to attain, or build, a pinhole camera and participate in the next Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day!
        You are very inspiring. : )

  1. Wow, it must be great great fun to be such a large group!
    8×10, that is L A R G E!!! Wonderful image, how long exposure time did you have to use?

    • Thanks a lot Marie!!
      Yes, althought the day didn’t help, it was raining almost all of the time; we took the picture inside a studio with artificial lighting, but it was a lot of funa anyway!!!
      The exposure time was three minutes with Efke 100 ASA film!

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