huge dracula trying to swallow the sun

huge dracula trying to swallow the sun


6 thoughts on “huge dracula trying to swallow the sun

  1. Really like this work. Fantastic visions of BCN.
    I am interested to know: do you publish the photos very soon after taking them or is there a long time scale inbetween- the taking of the photo, the developing of the photo, and finally the publishing of the photo here?

    • Thank you so much, Susan; I am glad you like them!!
      I use to publish the photos as soon as I can. I develop myself both b&w and color film, then I scan the negs and, after minor adjusments in PS, I post them in Flickr. This blog is exclusively to post my pinhole film photographs and I only post one picture per day trying to choose those photos that I consider best (which is something realy hard for me).
      Anyway, if you check my Flickr gallery you will find all the information of every picture in the tags section, including details about film, exposition, developer, location, date, . . .
      Once again, thanks for passing and commenting!
      Best regards

  2. Wow, did you drop your camera Jesús? :-D
    However, this is both amazing and wonderful, and the sunflare that goes around is so lovely mysterious!
    Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Marie!!
      No, no, I didn’t drop my camera, this was taken with an anamorphic pinhole camera (a new toy in my camera collection that I get as a gift from an Italian friend); in “normal” cylindrical pinhole cameras the hole is on the side of the cylinder while, in the anamorphic ones, the pinhole is in the center of one of the bases of the cylinder (with the film covering the surface of the cylinder) causing a big distortion of the image as in this particular case.

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