Les Punxes

Les Punxes

This picture was taken with my new Wheehamcam, a wonderful pinhole large format (8×10 inches) camera made by wheehamx


I took this selfportrait with an 8 banners pinhole camera in 6×12 format after taking the picture with the Wheehamcam.


6 thoughts on “Les Punxes

    • Thanks a lot!
      I like the first one beacuse it is my second shot with the 8×10 in negative pinhole camera but, as it has no viewfinder, I didn’t “aim” well to the subject and so I cut the top of the right tower!
      I also thank you for your visit and follow!

      • Ah, the ongoing challenges of practicing pinhole photography. I’ve become quite good at knowing, or predicting at least, what will be included in the frame of an exposure horizontally. What I struggle with is knowing where the cut off is horizontally. It seems I am not the only one with this challenge.

  1. You are completely right, Jeff!
    For me it is always challenging, although with some practice I arrived to a point of, how to say it, “equilibrium” with my different cameras. This was my second shot with this huge camera and I was more worried for the exposure time than for the framing. Fortunately enough Weehamx send me a “kind of” viewer to help me framing but I have to practice a bit.
    Thanks for passing by and leave your comment!

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