Sagrada Familia



7 thoughts on “Sagrada Familia

  1. Such an amazing structure. Initially I was going to comment on how the cranes in the background offer a nice contrast of old and new, but then I Googled the Sagrada Familia and learned its still being constructed. Very interesting.

    • Thanks so much!
      I don’t know what did you get when “Googled” Sagrada Familia but, in fact this is the masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí. At the time he designed the building the technique was quite different from today. He made a lot of sketches but, for what I know, he didn’t wrote a full “project” with all of the details because he was living inside the Sagrada Familia and he was “designing on the go”. Nowadays the concrete and iron structures are predominant over the stone of the original work of the beggining but the architects working in the church claim to follow the original work by Gaudí.
      Anyway it is an impressive “building” in the middle of Barcelona (I live in one of the nine blocks sorrounding it) and every day looks different. A visit to Barcelona would be nothing without being there.

      • I simply read the Wikipedia page for it, not always the most reliable information available. One could only imagine how much more impressive this structure would be in person.

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