6×6 solargraphs

This is a  series of solargraphs taken during six months with two different cameras (made up of soft drink cans, see the last photograph). One of the cameras was fixed for six months (first photo) and the other one was changed every month (next six photographs). The first picture shows six months of solar paths while the other six picturees shows the suntrails in periods of one month.

I hope you like them!

WP_0078_solarigrafia 6x6 #B

WP_0078a_solargrafia 6x6 #A1

WP_0078b_solargrafia 6x6 #A2

WP_0078c_solargrafia 6x6 #A3

WP_0078d_solargrafia 6x6 camera #A4

WP_0078e_solargraphy 6x6 camera #A5

WP_0078f_solarigrafia 6x6 #A6

WP_0078g_solargrafia 6x6 #A_B


16 thoughts on “6×6 solargraphs

  1. As Patrick states, these photos are not developed. The real image is formed directly on the photo paper and scanned in a “darkroom”. The amonut of light that the paper received is such that if you develop it you’ll get a black piece of photographic paper. There is some discussion on how the image is formed without the need of a developing agent, but . . . this is part of the game!

  2. Solargraphs never cease to amaze me. For one the fact that the photographic paper requires no developing chemical to view the image. Secondly the very notion that we are able to record the movement of the sun over prolonged periods of time, is amazing. My favorite image from this set, is the second from the top, because the city is most clear in that image.

    • thank you Jeff!
      yes, solargraphs are amazing; I have “my” theory about the generation of the image, I think that the high energy of direct sun UV light is the cause of the formation of the image, but it should be tested!

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