the trees they grow high, the leaves they do grow green [tree Tuesday!]


9 thoughts on “the trees they grow high, the leaves they do grow green [tree Tuesday!]

  1. Stunning capture! Earlier this week I attempted shooting infrared in a pinhole for the first time. I shot some Rollei IR 400 in a Holga Pinhole WIde. I’m pleased with most of the results and will be posting soon : )

    • Thank you!
      I am glad that you have used IR film with a pinhole. I’ll be waiting to see your results!
      I already got some aerochrome IR color film but I need to buy a filter before using it. Which one would you recommend me?

      • Well, I can’t give a very balanced recommendation because I’ve only used one filter with color infrared. I shot with a Tiffen yellow #12. It worked nicely, but I’ve seen nice results online from orange filters as well. I guess it depends on what infrared look you desire. Also, do some research about developing. My color infrared photos were developed as slides in E6. I’ve seen others cross process color infrared films in C41. That style looks cool, too but it’s not quite the same. Lastly, with developing, make sure that you process the photos at a high quality lab. The technicians should have experience developing infrared photos. They shouldn’t develop the film in a photo machine – it should be hand developed in complete darkness. The machines typically use infrared lights to scan the barcodes on rolls of film. These lights will fog your film. So, do some research, be careful, and, most importantly, have a blast experimenting with color infrared! It’s really a dying art, so be proud that you’re one of the last people in the world who is able to shoot on such a rare film : )

  2. The tree’s foliage burns so bright its almost as if its illuminated the entire landscape which surrounds it. That is perhaps my favorite affect of IR film, how it transforms trees into perceived sources of light. Happy Tree Tuesday.

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