4 thoughts on “selfportrait

  1. Is this a double exposure of the outdoors and of you riding an escalator? Very cool! Also, I’m curious about your exposure times with the 8banners pinhole camera. If you have ISO 100 film and are shooting outside on a bright, sunny day, what would your exposure time be?

    • thanks so much!
      it is not a double exposure, it is about 20 seconds; you may see more details and some comments of others here and, you may also go to the “inspiring shot” (btw, a good and fine pinholer!).
      The data of the 8banners camera are: focal length 24 mm, pinhole diameter 0.20 mm, that gives you an f/120 and a diagonal angle of about <140 deg; the usual exposition time with a bright sunny day and an ISO 100 film is aorund 5 seconds.

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