The Art of Pinhole Photography. International Group Exhibition [Heidelberg, 12 October – 6 November]

I am very happy to take part in The Art of Pinhole Photography, an International Group Exhibition that will be held in Heidelberg [Germany] from 12 October to 6 November 2016 as part of the OFF//PHOTO festival. The show will feature works by from Xavi Bassols, Alexander Ehhalt, Joanna Epstein, Larissa Honsek, Stefan Killen, Jeff McConnell, Viktor Senkov, Alex Yates and myself. The exhibition has been curated by Markus Kaesler, is sponsored by NOPO Cameras and Larissa Honsek designed the poster!


Revela-T 2016 group photo

As most of you already know Revela-T is an Analog Photography Festival held every year in Vilassar de Dalt. One of the main activities is the making of a 30 in x 30 in (71 x 71 cm) wet plate collodion group portrait by Joaquín Paredes. This year after he made that impressive photograph I took my 8×10 pinhole camera “Monster” [a kind of mosquito compared to Joaquin’s huge camera] to make a pinhole group portrait. Here it goes!

centenary oak of Ayardes [Asturias]

Ayardes [Asturias]

The city of the deads [6]

carrer Milans #2 [BCN]

carrer Milans [BCN]